About Us




Manzoor Sons one the leading Tent Manufacturer, Tarpaulin Industry & Exporters and also Pioneers in Tentage Industry - our quality-centered business house bringing the most reliable luxury tent. We are far-famed pavilion tent manufacturer and tent exporter, located in Pakistan and all type of tents and decoration utilities are manufactured by Manzoor Sons.

We have a wide collection of tents, ideal for weddings, gardens, beaches, camping and other events. All of our tents are made by hand in the traditional method using high quality, natural and colored canvas which is waterproof, mould proof and fire retardant for the exterior. The interiors are made from 100% cotton with woodblock prints in colors and motifs.

Our main lines of production are: -

Weaving:- Grey Sheeting, Canvas and Industrial Cloth Fabric.

Tents: -All kinds of High class Traditional Cotton Tents - Wedding Tent, Fancy Tent, Canopy Tent, Pergola Tent, Pavilion Tent, Garden Umbrella Tent, Farm House Tent, Tea Tent, Children Tent, Swiss Cottage Tent, Reception Tent, Dining Tent, Mehfil Tent, , Couple Tent, Relief tent, Kuwaiti Deluxe tent, Winter tent, Officer tent, Hospital tent, Marquee tent, Recreation Tent, for standard size or the size stipulated by the customer.

Canvas: -Available in different width and weight, of any color, with/without waterproof, water repellant, wax coated, oil proof, fungus proof, and chemical proof, Mosquito proof, perfume proof.

Canvas Products: -Waterproof tarpaulins are available in any size of Canvas, PVC coated & PP (poly propylene) material, available in original gray or in any color on customerís demand.

From the above, you may understand that we directly control our products and we maintain a very high quality in our products. Not only that, our product is well priced and very competitive in the market.